Seniors - Upload Graduation Photos

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 11:21am
  • If you were not able to pick up caps & gowns last week or forgot to pick up your honor cords, we will have one more pick-up time tomorrow,  Tuesday  (5/19), from 2:00 - 4:00 pm in the front of the school's main entrance.  
  • If you have not already done so, please be sure to upload your graduation photo/video by Wednesday, May 20 by 4pm. Here is the link where you upload your video:
  • If you have any other materials to return (textbooks, chromebooks, uniforms, anything else that belongs to Hammond or HCPSS), please bring them to Hammond on Tuesday (5/19) between 2 and 4pm. Drop all items off at the front entrance. 
  • If you have any items in the building that you need, please be sure to fill out this form. We will work to get all materials from the building and ready for pick-up in late May (date TBD), when you come to pick-up your diplomas.  HaHS Important Item Pick-Up

Every senior must complete this form to let us know if you have any important items that need to be retrieved from inside Hammond High School. The building remains closed, but we would like to be prepared to return any important personal items back to you in the near future.  If you do not have anything inside Hammond that you need, please complete the form and indicate "no."

Please email or if you have any questions!

Thanks so much!

Ms. Sibrian & Ms. Phillips



HaHS Senior Graduation Ceremony Video/Picture Directions
Seniors will upload their picture/video to the following website:
From the video production company about your HaHS graduation video:

1] Video must be less than 15 seconds in duration.

2] Your cap and gown should be worn in the video.

3] Only 10 seconds of video will be used.

4] Audio from the video will not be used from the ceremony.  So, there will be no sound used from your video in the ceremony.

5] Please say your full name (first middle last) at the start of the video.  This will be used to identify you as well as assist with pronunciation; it will not be used during the ceremony.

6] Please pause for a moment after saying your name and before continuing with your recording.

7] Be sure to orient your device to landscape orientation (not portrait orientation) before you record.

8] Consider lighting conditions.  Outdoor lighting is preferred.  The lighting source (sun, lamp, etc.) should be in front of you, not behind you.

9] You can find this same information at Student Video Directions.pdf.  


From Hammond High School about your graduation video:

14] Seniors will upload their picture/video to the following website:

15] The deadline to upload your video is Wednesday, May 20.

17] Since 10 seconds of your video will be used for the online ceremony, consider how to use your 10 seconds.  You can wave, smile, hold up a sign thanking your family and teachers, etc. 

18]  Inappropriate content, gestures or imagery will not be permitted, and the presence of any of these elements in videos will cause the video to be rejected.