Graduating Classes




Information for the 2018 Graduating Class.


Graduation FAQ

Q:When is graduation? A: We don’t know until Spring. The window, however, is May 21-31.

Q: Where is graduation? A: Graduation will be held at Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Q: Do I have to participate in the graduation ceremony to receive my diploma? A: Everyone is encouraged to participate in the graduation ceremony. If a student has decided not to participate, he/she must inform senior administrator Ms. Lidgard in writing, with a parent/guardian signature, by May 1. The student will still receive a diploma even if he/she does not participate in the ceremony at Merriweather.

Q: Can a parent award a diploma to his/her student? A: Parents who are employees of the Howard County Public School System may award their student his/her diploma. Parents must contact Ms. Sibrian-Alas at to sign up and receive directions for the process. All requests must be made no later than May 1.

Q: What do students wear under their gown? A: Students may wear any color dress or black slacks with a blouse or white dress shirt/tie. Shoes are to be black. Large-heeled or dangerous shoes and flip flops will not be permitted; remember, you must be able to walk down the steep steps in the seating area at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Large earrings, bracelets and showy jewelry are not permitted. NO KAHAKI PANTS! NO JEANS! NO SNEAKERS OR SANDALS! Q: What kind of jewelry is appropriate for graduation? A: Avoid big, showy jewelry. Jewelry should be subtle. Gowns easily snag on jewelry, so be especially cognizant of earring size so that they do not get stuck on the shoulder of the gown.

Q: Can I wear my sashes, medals and cords? A: Students may wear cords, sashes or medals that have been earned in school programs that require specific GPA requirements for membership.

Q: What if I get my gown and it does not fit? A: To avoid this issue, be certain to include the student’s height and weight on the purchase form; however, in the rare case of the items not fitting, we will work with the student to rectify the situation. Q: When are graduation rehearsals? A: There are three graduation rehearsals, including one dress rehearsal. They will be announced in the graduation packet that will be distributed to seniors in April through their English class. If a student does not have English, he/she should see Ms. Sibrian-Alas or Ms. Phillips. All rehearsals will be at Hammond High School during the school day.

Q: I have work release; do I have to attend graduation rehearsals if they are during my release time? A: All students must attend all rehearsals and senior exams and should arrange work schedules to be at Hammond from 7:25-2:10 that week.

Q: When do we get our caps and gowns? A: Caps and gowns will NOT be delivered to the student’s home. All caps and gowns are delivered to Hammond High School and will be distributed to the seniors at the end of the second graduation rehearsal. No student will receive his/her cap and gown until all obligations are paid to Hammond High School.

Q: When do we get our tickets to the graduation ceremony? A: All tickets will be distributed to the seniors at the end of the second graduation rehearsal. No student will receive his/her tickets until all obligations are paid to Hammond High School.

Q: How many tickets do we get? A: Space and tickets are limited. Each student receives 10 tickets. Applications to request up to six more tickets will be made available on Hammond’s website under “Graduation”.

Q: How do I sign up for handicapped parking? A: Families do NOT need to sign up for or request Handicapped parking. Handicapped parking will be available to all persons who have Maryland state handicapped parking tags or placard. Handicapped drop off is available for your convenience if your vehicle is not handicap registered. Directions to Handicapped parking and drop off will be made available on Hammond’s website under graduation. Q: Do children under five need a ticket for graduation? A: All persons attending graduation, except carried infants, must have a ticket for entrance.

Q: Does our full name have to be read at graduation? A: At graduation rehearsal students will be given the opportunity to provide proper pronunciation of their name to the reader. All names must be read as stated on the birth certificate submitted to guidance.

Q: How long is the graduation ceremony? A: The ceremony will be approximately 1 ½ hours. Families looking to make post ceremony plans should also allow time to return to cars and depart Merriweather property after the ceremony.

Q: When do students need to report to Merriweather on graduation day? A: Students are expected to be at the rear of the Merriweather Pavilion seating area 45 minutes prior to the ceremony. Please allow enough time to park and walk from the parking lot.

Callie Sibrian-Alas Teacher
Elizabeth Phillips Reading Specialist
This is Ms. Phillips’ 9th year of teaching. She has taught grades 2-12. Some of that was here in Howard County, and the rest was in Baltimore City. She is thrilled to be on staff at Hammond. In her free time, Ms. Phillips enjoys playing guitar, singing, and spending family time outdoors.