Student Services


Lisa Sivell | Guidance Counselor, ITL, S-Z, 10-12 |
Megan Burleson | School Psychologist |
Margaret Shomali | Guidance Counselor, E-L, 10-12 |
Ryan Fuentes | Guidence Counselor, A-D |
Maryann McQueen | Secretary |
Michele Nethken | Registrar |
Alex Kosisky | Guidance Counselor, A-Z, 9th |
Kasey Quinn | Guidance Counselor, M-R, 10-12 |
Kimberley Williams | Teacher's Secretary, .5 Registar, Boys' Cross Country Coach, Track Coach |


Working collaboratively with students, parents, and staff, the school counselors and other student support staff of Hammond High School encourage students’ academic development, foster students’ personal and social growth, address students’ developmental needs, and facilitate communication throughout the Hammond High School community to help students realize and maximize their potential.

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