Yearbook is a “club” that is an actual class you take during the school day. In this class, you have the responsibility for creating and publishing the current year’s edition of Impressions, Hammond High School’s Yearbook! You must be enrolled in Yearbook I, II, III, or IV to participate. Level III and IV of the course earns an Honors level credit. This course is open to all grade levels.


Students receive a practical, hands-on training in yearbook production. Students learn the tasks necessary for yearbook publication, including writing, photography, graphic design, and editing. Students will also have an opportunity to hone their 21st century skills of leadership, technology, communication, and problem solving. Units of instruction are sequenced to parallel the publication deadlines of the school’s yearbook. Students learn the techniques of business operation, advertising, promotion, and management. Students are expected to dedicate time outside of class in order to meet their assignment deadlines. Editorial leadership positions are available with application.


See advisor, Mrs. Samantha Filipiak, or with any inquiries.


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