Science Club

The science club at Hammond High School aims to strengthen the student body’s conceptual and experimental scientific knowledge in fields including, but not limited to Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics. This the primary goal of the organization and, in order to accomplish it, the science club will attempt to educate club members and other interested parties through lessons, demonstrations, and first hand experimentations. Likewise, the club will encourage the growth of scientific knowledge by acting as a place where members can receive reliable and accurate assistance with academic material from science courses in which they are currently enrolled. By doing all this, the science club hopes to develop sincere and vested interest in the world of science amongst as many of Hammond’s students as possible.

Science Club Requirements:

Any Hammond High School Student who is interested in joining the science club is welcome as a member. You must have a signed safety contract either on file with your current science teacher or the science club sponsor.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • February 15th (Ms. Sibrian– Rm 406)  Turning Silver into Gold Pennies Lab
  • Feb. 15th (Ms. Brown– Rm 406)  Guest Speaker – Chief Resident at John Hopkins (Pathology) – Dr. Marissa White
  • March 15th (Ms. Sibrian – Rm 406) Tye Dye T-Shirt Lab
  • April 19th (Ms. Brown– Rm 406) Guest Speaker – College Professor
  • May 17th (Ms. Brown– Rm 406) Officer Elections & End of Year Celebrations (Ice Cream Social)
Cherilyn Brown Teacher, ITL Website
Callie Sibrian-Alas Teacher, ITL