Fall Sports Tryout Information - Dates/Times - Golf Tryouts ADDED!

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 6:11am

Fall Sports Start Date:  8/10/22 - Class of 2026 May Begin Working Out With High School Teams The Day After the Current School Year Ends


Fall Sports Offered/Head Coach’s Email: - REACH OUT TO THEM ASAP!

Football: Will Bell -  William_Bell@hcpss.org   Tryouts - 8/10-8/12 (JV & V - 7-10 AM Stadium Field)

 B. Soccer: Elliot Quinteros - Elliot_Quinterosvaldes@hcpss.org  Tryouts - 8/10-8-12 (JV & V 4:30-6 PM Stadium Field)

Cheer: Katie Runyen  Coachrunyen@gmail.com   Tryouts - 8/10-8/12 (JV & V - 3-5 PM at Head Hunters Gym 6770 Oak Hall Lane #119 Columbia 21045)

G. Soccer: Molly Schaefer Molly_Schaefer@gmail.com  Tryouts - 8/10-8/12 (JV & V 8-11 AM Bermuda Field)

Cross Country: Ryun Anderson Ryun2@terpmail.edu & Kim Williams Kimberley_Williams@hcpss.org  Tryouts - 8/16-8/19 - (Boys and Girls  8-10:30 AM Track)

Golf: Scott Osborne Scott_Osborne@hcpss.org Tryouts - 8/10 and 8/11 @ Fairway Hills Golf Club - 9 AM arrival for 10 AM 9-hole Tee time.

Field Hockey: Courtny Abell Courtney_Abell@hcpss.org - Tryouts - (JV & V 8/10-8/12 - 4:30-6:30 PM - Bermuda/Stadium Field)

Volleyball:  Anne Corey  Anne_Corey@hcpss.org - Tryouts - 8/10-8/12 @ Oakland Mills HS - 8/10 (FR/JV - 3-5:30pm) (V-530-7pm) 8/11 & 8/12 (FR/JV - 3-5pm) (V-5-630pm)

Allied Soccer: Mehr Dhillon Mehr_Dhillon@hcpss.org - Tryouts will be after the school year begins - contact Coach Dhillon for details


Requirements for Fall Sports Participation - All required forms for fall sports participation may be submitted through a parent's HCPSS Connect account starting 6/1/22.

Email your coach to make sure he/she knows you are interested in the sport.  Give the coach a parent contact as well.
Send the HS coach a copy of your current game schedule so he/she can watch you play.
ALL required forms and paperwork MUST be submitted through a parent’s hcpss.connect account PRIOR to tryouts.  



Frequently Asked Questions 


What are the required forms needed to participate in high school athletics?

Each athlete needs a physical (dated 4/1 of the current year or after), parent permission form, proof of medical insurance, recent proof of residency, and there are additional forms that can be signed electronically.  All forms can be accessed through a parent's hcpss.connect login.  

How do I access the required forms?

Forms can be accessed from a parent’s hcpss.connect account.  NOTE:  For dual households, the parent listed with custody is the one who will access to the athlete’s athletic forms.

What do I do if I have trouble uploading the proof of residency or physical form?

You can scan/upload, or take pictures of the forms and email them to either your coach or the Athletic Director, Michael Lerner @ mlerner@hcpss.org

What are the academic requirements in order for an athlete to participate in sports?

There are no academic requirements for 1st time 9th graders.  After that, each athlete MUST have a minimum of a 2.0  weighted GPA for the marking period that precedes the sports season.
Winter Eligibility – based on 1st marking period grades
Spring Eligibility – based on 2nd marking period grades
Fall (sophomore, junior, and senior) Eligibility – based on 4th marking period grades

Does it cost anything to play high school sports?

No.  All items, other than personal items (cleats, gloves, etc), will be provided by the school.
There will be opportunities to purchase spirit wear
Expect fundraisers to help the teams supplement costs

How often are practices?

Starting with tryouts, there will be practices and or games every Monday-Friday, and some Saturdays.
It is expected that all appointments be scheduled around practices/games as much as possible.  Prior communication before any missed practices is expected.

What are the expectations for parents of high school athletes?

Arrange transportation home after practice/games for athletes
Volunteer for concessions and team needs  - coaches will ask for volunteers
Help with fundraisers
Attend games – we all could use your support!

Where can I find information on the internet?

Hahs.hcpss.org – website
@HaHsAthletics – twitter
Individual teams may have Instagram, Twitter, or other social media accounts.

Is there a cost to attend games?

In the fall, only football and Friday Night games (Varsity game starting at 7 pm or later) have an admission charge of $5 for adults and $3 for students.
Winter – basketball and wrestling have and admission charge of $5 for adults and $3 for students.  Indoor track meets have a flat $5 admission charge at the PG Complex
Spring – only Friday night lacrosse games (varsity game starting at 7 pm or later) have an admission charge of $5 for adults and $3 for students.

What sports are offered in winter and spring?

Winter – Start 11/15 – b. basketball, g. basketball, wrestling, indoor track, cheer, allied bowling

Spring – Start 3/1 – baseball, softball, b. lacrosse, g. lacrosse, outdoor track, tennis, allied softball