Material Drop-Off for Semester 1 Items

Thu, 01/14/2021 - 1:21pm

Semester 1 Materials Drop Off - January 28, 2021

Event:  Drop-off of School Issued Materials

Who:  Any student who has HCPSS issued academic, athletic, or extracurricular materials to return.  Any school issued item needed for the 2nd Semester should NOT be returned. 

 When and What Time:   1/28 (11:00-4:00 PM)

What Should Be Dropped-Off:

  • Instructional Materials:  HCPSS issued books, media books, and calculators (you may hang on to your HCPSS issued calculator if you need it for 2nd Semester)
  • Uniforms – Dance, Band, Athletic Uniforms, Athletic Bags
  • School Issued Athletic Equipment
  • Instruments – Pianos, Guitars, Band, and Strings (Unless otherwise directed by director)

What Should NOT Be Dropped-Off: 

  • Chromebooks (Unless no longer needed, please return and we can redistribute)
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spots (Unless no longer needed, please return and we can redistribute)

Process For Prepping Items For Drop-Off: 

  • Place all materials to be returned to HaHS in any type of bag or box
  • Label the bag or box of items:  Last Name, First Name/Graduation Year
  • Complete the Item Return Form (Hyperlink) and place it in the bag.  You may print the form, or write the information on a sheet of paper.
  • Make sure to check under beds, in cars, closets, backpacks, and anywhere school materials may be hiding!  You can also return siblings items if you find them, no questions asked. 


Process for Dropping off Materials at Hammond:

  • Enter the main parking lot, follow the orange cones and staff member directions.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER to stay in your car and a staff member will greet you and take your returns.
  • Please see the map for a visual. (Due to construction, layout my differ slightly.)