9th Grade Parent Program

Thu, 09/10/2020 - 7:14am

Hello 9th Grade Golden Bear Parents! 

We’d like to officially welcome you to the start of our 2020-2021 school year. Whether you are a veteran Golden Bear parent, or this is your first 9th grade student, view our 9th Grade Parent Program to learn more about Hammond and how to support your student in their first semester of virtual high school.

Click the link to enter: 9th Grade Parent Program 

In this interactive program, you will learn more about the differences between middle school and high school, details about our online learning platform for the fall semester, how students can get involved at Hammond, and supports for you and your student as you navigate this virtual learning experience. Please note, there will be some overlap in resources from our Fall Student Orientation program and the Semester 1 Orientation materials shared at the start of this week. You can use the program agenda on Slide 3 to gauge which information you may be able to skip over if you wish.

Move through the different pages of this program by clicking with your mouse or by using the arrows at the bottom. If there is a website or email link provided in the slide, you should be able to click it and be taken to that webpage. Remember to turn on Closed Captioning in videos if necessary by clicking on the CC icon at the bottom of the video. 


In addition, please join us for our Virtual Back to School night - TONIGHT at 7pm
HaHS Virtual Back to School Night
7:00pm - Back to School Night

Click to view the Back to School Night Agenda and Meeting Links.

**Parents/guardians must be logged into student’s HCPSS accounts to access meeting links. **

Hammond’s Virtual Back to School Night will begin with a Welcome Message (video) from Dr. DiPaula during your student’s first period classes. After this, parents and families can follow the schedule and meeting links below to meet your student’s teachers. Teachers will be giving live presentations during each class period. 

To access each classroom, you will need to be logged in through your student’s HCPSS account. 

  • 7:00pm - 7:23pm    Period 1 - Welcome Message and Teacher’s Presentation
  • 7:25pm - 7:33pm    Period 2
  • 7:35pm - 7:43pm    Period 3
  • 7:45pm - 7:55pm    Period 4

Please review your student’s schedule, and attend each presentation during the accurate time period. All teachers will be using the same link for each class period during Back to School Night. 

Click to view the Back to School Night Agenda and Meeting Links 



9th Grade Parent Program 

Fall Student Orientation Program (Previously shared)

Semester 1 Orientation Website (Previously shared)

Back to School Night Agenda

BTSN Meeting Links