AP Exam Registration is now underway

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 6:14am

Advanced Placement Exam Registration 2019/2020

Beginning this year, AP registration is a two-step process that takes place beginning October 1st.  At this point, students should have returned their College Board (CB) Portal Enrollment forms to their teachers.  If they have not registered to use the Portal, they can’t sign up to take AP exams.

The deadline for registering online for AP Exams is November 8, 2019.  Any registrations between November 8th and November 15th will need to go through the AP Coordinator.

First step is for your student to use the CB Portal by November 8th to select the exam(s) he/she wishes to take in May.  Second step is to submit a paper registration/permission form and submit payment.  Both steps must be completed by November 15th to be registered.

Exams are held primarily at New Hope Lutheran Church or South Columbia Baptist Church with the exception of some smaller exams that may be combined with other schools.  Students are not expected to attend school on the day they take an exam.  The paper registration form allows your student to be excused for a school-based activity.  Students are expected to arrive 30 minutes before the exam begins. 


The cost is $94/exam.  Payment must be made at the time of registration (see registration instructions below).  Fee waivers are available for students who qualify under a variety of programs. The Reduced Fee for the exam is $15/exam.

After students select their exams in the Portal, they submit the registration  form and proof of payment (check, or credit card transaction number) to Ms. McQueen or Ms. Wilson in Student Services.  Ms. Wilson, AP Coordinator, will be available during student lunches on Tuesdays.


Student Registration                

Exam ordered by Nov 15                                 



Late Registration

Ordered between Nov 16 – Mar 13

$94+$40 fee          




Unused/ Canceled exam

Exam that is canceled  or not taken by the student

$40 fee

Self Study/Digital Ed Students:

Students who are self-study or in digital ed courses must follow the same deadlines but need to contact Ms. Wilson to acquire the join code for registration.

Registration Process:

Steps to complete registration in both the CB Portal and the Registration Form for the 2020 AP Exams:

If you submitted your portal permission form to use the CB portal, log into the Portal using your account myap.collegeboard.org.


Your teachers provided you with a unique join code for each AP class in which you are enrolled.  If you haven’t done so already, enroll in the course. You should see a button on the course page that says, “Register for Exam.”  Click that button to register and confirm your decision on the pop up window.  You will need to do this for each exam you wish to take.  This must be completed by November 8th.  After November 8th, contact AP Coordinator, Cathy Wilson


Complete pre-filled Registration form (handed out during AP Classes or complete Blank Registration Form.


Bring the printed form with a parent/guardian signature with your online payment transaction number, or a check/money order made out to Hammond High School to Ms. McQueen or Ms. Wilson in Student Services by November 15th by 2:30.  Please staple payment to registration form.


All registrations between November 16th and March 13th  will be considered late and the $40 per exam late fee will need to be submitted with payment.

NOTE:  You may pay your registration fees online here:  http://tiny.cc/eauyez



Contact AP Coordinator:  Cathy Wilson at Catherine_Wilson@hcpss.org, 410-309-3188



Click here for a blank registration form