Prom & After Prom Information

Mon, 04/29/2019 - 8:27am


On sale until 5/2 at all lunch shifts ($10 and After Prom Form are Required)


This is a reminder that if your student will be attending prom next Friday, May 3, they must attend school for at least a half of day in order to be admitted to the prom, according to Howard County policy.

If they will be leaving for an appointment on Friday at 10:10am or after, we are requesting that you send a note in to the Attendance Office (in advance) on Monday, April 29th or Tuesday, April 30th.  Please be sure that the note includes your student’s full name, the date of the appointment, your signature, and the time you wish for him/her to leave for the appointment.  We will then have the student sign out on Friday at the appointed time, and you will not need to come inside to get him/her.


After Prom is just one week away and we have almost everything we need to make the night complete!  We are looking for two more things.  We need people to volunteer for security.  By security, we mean simply sitting by an exit and making sure the students are safe.  There's lots of food and you'll get to see the Avengers for free!!!  No experience or training required.  We will give you all you need when you arrive.  Even one hour of commitment is better than none.  See link below to sign up:

We also need a few more gift card donations.  The students can win lots of different prizes.  The more prizes we have, the more students who will get a chance to win!  Any gift card amount to any place will get used.  See link below to sign up: