Student Drop Off Information

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 8:37am

Last month, after studying the situation and communicating with the HCPSS Transportation Office, we began altering the traffic pattern for morning drop off. We are working to help alleviate some of the traffic issues in the morning. We have also been in communication with traffic engineers, the HCPSS Director of Transportation and the HCPD about the traffic flow and safety issues. Thank you in advance for your patience and your adherence to the new pattern.

As you enter the school parking lot for morning drop off, we have cones blocking off the first two aisles and ask that you drive down the third aisle towards the gym entrance. Please pull all the way up along the curb and let your child out. Please be sure to only let your child out along the curb. We do not want children walking in front of moving cars.

As we continue to monitor and assess the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up situation, we wanted to share a few reminders with the community.

If you are choosing to drop your child off at school, please use the student drop off area by the gym entrance and only drop your child off on school property. We are aware of the traffic back-up and ask that you keep that in mind and leave early. Getting to school prior to 7:05am would allow you to avoid most of the traffic. We are working closely with the HCPSS Transportation Office and our School Resource Officer to work on the flow of traffic.
Please be mindful of your speed as you drive through the two crosswalks that our students use to cross Guilford Road to come onto school property.
Do not stop on Guilford Road and let your child out in the middle of the street. All student drop offs should be in the student drop off area.
While we encourage you to drop your child off early, if you are arriving after 7:15 for drop off, you may turn into the student drop off area OR the bus loop. Please do not turn into the bus loop prior to 7:15am - this interferes with the bus drop off in the morning.

Thank you for your patience and compliance in ensuring our students' safety. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact John DiFato or 410-313-7615.