Hammond Buddies

Fri, 10/27/2017 - 7:47am

Welcome to Hammond Buddies!  There have been some new and exciting changes to the program.  Before Ms. Leonard's departure, we talked about a revised program where special needs students (Buddies) didn’t just have one student at the school with whom they got to know, but a program where special needs students become an integrated part of the activities offered here at Hammond; thus, the idea for Hammond Buddies was formed.  

The idea is that each month, one of our amazing groups (clubs, sports, societies) will sponsor a meeting that the Buddies can attend.  The club, with the support of a group of students, Ms. Cotton, and Ms. Munford, will prepare a special project that the Buddies can participate in.  They will also be introduced to the members of the club, talk about their interests with club members, and explore what the club does for the Hammond community.   
These events will happen once a month from 2:20 - 3:30 in various locations in the building.  Students will receive permission forms from their 6th period teacher.  These forms must be returned to their 6th period teacher so that students are not put on the bus.  

The first event is November 3, 2017 in room 304 from 2:20 - 3:20.  The Robotics Club will be hosting the event and will be showing the Buddies the robot, videos of competitions, and working with them to build their own robots.  Most importantly, they will be getting to know each other.  Ms. Cotton will be attending the meeting and will be bringing snacks.  Parents are always welcome to attend these events. 

Please contact Ms. Cotton at colleen_cotton@hcpss.org or Ms. Munford at jaime_munford@hcpss.org if you have any questions.